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Deidra McKnight

We sat down with Deidra and talked about diversity in the workplace and what that really means to her. cta-arrow

Deidra (DJ) McKnight is a first-generation designer, currently at the design and architecture firm, Ankrom Moisan. Deidra values creative collaboration and approaches all design by creating rich narratives through her work. DJ’s goal is to continue to be a vital contributor to the creative community. Follow along as we see how Deidra is moving creativity forward.

Chosen Family Wines

Working alongside the Studio Mega team Deidra had the opportunity to create the label art for Chosen Family Wines × L'angolo Estate 2019 Chardonnay as well as their 2020 Rose (pictured here) in collaboration with L'angoglo estate and Graville Wine Co.cta-arrow

Label Illustration by Deidra McKnight made with Studio Mega for Chosen Family Wines 2020 Rosé.

Decoraré Patterns

This project started off as doodles 
in Deidra’s sketchbook. She was able to take those sketches and create something beautiful.cta-arrow

Decoraré Patterns
Created by Deidra.

“After taking Jen Stady’s pattern workshop I gained the tools and confidence to turn, what originally began as doodles in my sketchbook, into something more real.”

Deidra McKnight

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